About Us


We are well known for our tight-knit family that is always on the GO!

The Beard’s reside in D’Hanis, Texas about 40 miles west of San Antonio.  The small historic town holds many traditions and success stories for our clan.  From Saturday night home football games to State Champions on the Baseball and Softball Diamonds, you can usually find us playing hard while supporting our local athletes and scholars.  As Thomas and Brighton (starting Fall 2023) pursue their educational goals at Texas Tech University and Peyton continues at D’Hanis Schools, Jill and Warren stay busy hustling to make sure the kids make great memories through family adventures!

Warren Beard is a career Agriculture Science Teacher specialing in livestock production, leadership training and metal fabrication.  He has been involved in the firearm industry for over 40 years as a consumer, salesman, instructor and gunsmith.  With experience and exposure to various types of firearms and NFA items, Warren specializes in sales and repair of sporting rifles, shotguns and handguns.  He has attained certifications to offer services in gunsmithing, licensed to carry permits, notary public and is a Federal Firearm License holder for manufacting and sales of firearms.  Most recently, Warren has established Rocking B as a dealer of NFA items as a manufacturer and retail sales outlet through direct manufacturer connections and affilitation with Silence Shop.  

As the Rocking B Arms and Repair facility is going through upgrades, we gladly invite you out to discuss your firearms needs.  Plans of expansion include a larger gunsmith shop and retail space for firearms, ammunition and accessories.