Why you should still want to maintain your LTC:

Beginning September 1, 2021, Texas Law gives License to Carry (LTC) holders more rights than unlicensed individuals (i.e., able to carry into some otherwise prohibited locations, expedited firearm purchases, and reciprocity when traveling to other states). Here are some of the changes that will take effect and why an individual should still want to obtain or maintain a Texas LTC.

1. Locations

  • a. A person who carries a handgun in their vehicle while picking up or dropping off their child at a school located in Texas and does not hold a Texas LTC violates federal law. This does not apply to a person who holds an LTC.
  • b. Hospitals, nursing facilities, and amusement parks still have to post 30.06/30.07 signs to prohibit LTCs from entering. Unlicensed individuals will be prohibited at all times.
  • c. Prohibition against carrying a handgun into a bar does not apply to a LTC holder unless the bar has posted a legal 51% sign; therefore, a LTC takes the “guesswork” out of whether it is a bar or not.
  • d. At airports, if a LTC holder inadvertently leaves their firearm in their carry-on baggage, they are allowed to leave to avoid arrest. An unlicensed individual may find themselves charged with a felony.
  • e. Private businesses can restrict unlicensed individuals by putting up 30.05 signage, but still allow those who are licensed by not displaying 30.06/30.07 signage. Examples of 30.05 signage that do not apply to license holders, but restrict those who are unlicensed holders.
  • f. School district employees who have their LTC are able to keep their firearm locked in their vehicle while in the parking lot. Unlicensed employees will not be able to maintain a firearm in their vehicles.
  • g. On college campuses, LTC holders who are carrying concealed may be allowed into a campus building or sporting event unless a 30.06 sign is posted. Unlicensed individuals will not be allowed.
  • h. A LTC holder will be able to carry in open meetings of governmental entities. Unlicensed individuals will be charged with a 3rd degree felony.

2. Firearm Purchases – A LTC holder can avoid sometimes lengthy background checks when purchasing a firearm, since federal law may allow those who possess a state-issued license to be exempt from the NICS background check.

3. Reciprocity – Most states honor the Texas LTC, and there are numerous states that have permitless carry. In states that still require a permit or license to carry and recognizes the Texas LTC, you will be allowed to carry as long as you follow their laws. This will not apply to those who have not obtained and/or maintained a recognized permit or license.

To find a LTC instructor in your area, go to https://txhga.org/texas-ltc-information/find-a-ltc-instructor/ 

Reference Source: Texas Constitutional Carry Guide 2021, U.S. Law Shield. Request your free guide at https://www.uslawshield.com/texas-constitutional-carry-v2/