Rocking B is now a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Class 7 Dealer and Manufacturer, and Special Occupation Tax (SOT) Class 2 Dealer and Manufacturer of NFA Items (Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles & Shotguns). If you have an AR Pistol with a stabilizing brace that needs to be reclassified or registered, you have a few options!
We can assist you with the Form 1 or 4 submission including fingerprinting, Gun Trust, photos and notary public.
Saint 5.56 Pistol - SBR -

Silencer Shop approved!


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If you are interested in a Gun Trust, we can help with that as well!


Check out Texas Silencer Company

These are great quality suppressors at an affordable price!

If you are new to suppressors, we have a “Hunter” and “Scoundrel” on hand for demonstration! 

Contact us to set up a demo for you!

Rocking B has the ability to order EXACTLY the suppressor to fit your needs!

New to suppressors?  We have a few Demo units available for you to try!  

Refer to the following list of manufactures for information about the brands of items we can get for you:

3 Gun Labs
AAC Advanced Armament Corp
AB Suppressor
Allen Arms
Allen Engineering Suppressors
Arsenal Inc.
CGS Group
Crux Suppressor
Daniel Defense
Dead Air
Energetic Armaments
European American Armory (EAA)
Innovative Arms
JE Machine Tech
JK Armament
Lancer Systems
OSS Suppressors
Otter Creek Labs Silencers
Resilient Suppressors
Rugged Suppressors
Surefire Suppressors
Texas Silencer Co
Thunder Beast
Torrent Suppressors
Yankee Hill Machine
Zastava Arms