Konus KonusPro, M30 Riflescope, Rifle Scope, 12.5-50X56mm, 30mm Tube, Illuminated Mildot Reticle, Matte Black Finish, Includes 4 Sunshade, Lens Covers, and Cleaning Cloth 7289

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THIS LONG DISTANCE SHOOTING OPTIC STANDS OUT AS THE BEST AND ULTIMATE RIFLE SCOPE. With this precision scope every demanding shooter can get the chance to step on the field and successfully take even the most prohibitive shot. Light but sturdy and at the right price” this target shooting optic will allow you to get fantastic results. This Scope Konuspro 12.5-50×56-M30 stands at the TOP of the M30 target shooting optics with a Mil Dot reticle engraved and illuminated in red or blue. The reticle brightness has 5 different intensities that can be adjusted according to the light situation in which the shooter is in. This target shooting optic is completely resistant to water” fog and shocks. This long distance shooting optic for rifles has an integrated tool for correcting an inclined weapon ideal for resting on the bench. Thanks to its magnifications” the M 30 rifle scope is particularly suitable for long and very long distances. The large diameter of the lens bell of 56 mm guarantees excellent light transmission” even at higher magnifications. Adjusting the lateral parallax makes it easy to correct the target position relative to the position that occurs due to the high magnification. This M 30 scope is the result of a multi-year development project. The technology of this KonusPro rifle scope combines the most advanced techniques and professional specifications available on the market in a single product. With this in mind” the sports shooter knows that he can easely face any type of test on the shooting range. The value for money is the same as always” that is” the best on the market. Konus presents a large range of target shooting riflescopes for all the target shooting lovers.

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