TekMat Pistol Mat For Heckler & Koch VP9SK, 11×17, Black, Includes Small Microfiber TekTowel, Packed In Tube TEK-R17-HK-VP9SK

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The TekMat has a soft thermoplastic fiber surface that will protect your firearm and won’t stain from grease and oil. The neoprene rubber substrate gives TekMat the padding you need to keep your gun” as well as your kitchen table” safe from dings and scratches. And to take it one step further” TekMat was designed with an exploded parts diagram of your firearm so you could take the gun apart to clean it” as well as put it back together without ever having to try and find the owner’s manual. TekMat’s use a dye-sublimation printing process which embeds the ink into the surface material so you don’t have to worry about the printing coming off the mat.

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Dimensions 12.3 × 2.3 × 2.3 in


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