TekMat S&W M&P SHIELD Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat, 15×20, Includes Small Microfiber TekTowel, Packed In Tube TEK-R20-SW-MP-SHIELD

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TekMat created the original printed cleaning and maintenance mat and with the new Ultra line of Premium TekMats” you get the same quality and durability as the original TekMat but with more space” thicker padding” and a premium stitched edge. The Ultra 20 TekMat is large enough to handle a fully disassembled handgun with room to spare for tools and accessories. The extra thick .25″ padding not only provides a premium feel and high level of quality but it offers extra protection from any rough handling or drops while working on your firearm. The ultra soft” oil and water-resistant surface helps protect your firearm from scratches while the diagrams and illustrations help with cleaning” disassembly and are just plain fun to look at.

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